The H.U.M.P Posse (which stands for Haters of swingers & playas United to Murder Promiscuity) is a collective of DJs/sample artists/assassins/brothers whose purpose is to destroy the wave of Playa Culture and the tide of promiscuity that washes in with it. 

Now, before the wrong idea is conceived, there are no religious ties to their audio-political agenda. This mission is strictly fueled by the disregard of personal health and safety amongst playas/swingers/hoops/non-profit prostitutes, etc. Not to say that fornication/sex/making love is wrong in any shape or form, BUT, with this act should come responsibility, safety, education and righteousness. These of course, are the key ingredients, which lack from those that practice unsafe, unaware, and unhealthy sex. Sure there might be playas and the such who carry jimmy hats and the like, but that doesn’t make one 100% safe from STD’s and other health concerns related. 

The health factor is only the tip of the iceberg; there are more issues/problems that also arise:

* unplanned pregnancies (the physical and mental aspects)
* increase in population growth (due to the aforementioned)
* perpetuation of negative attitudes regarding genders and sex
      (IE, objectification of females/males)
* emotional trauma caused by disregard of feelings/emotions of partner/victim
      (IE, one night stands, failing to recognize the responcibility of fathering a child)
* the further creation of new health problems and diseases 
The H.U.M.P Posse intends on making their mission accomplishable through various methods:
? A militant but necessary fashion of murdering all playas, skanks, swingers, horny cougars and all individuals promiscuous.
? Destroying all aspects of the Playa. These include Sound, Image and Attitude. Genres such as ‘Booty House’, various sects of New School RnB and Hip Hop are connected to the Playa style and fill ‘Playa Style Clubs’.  With each Posse member, comes a unique and redefining sound. Proving that there are new alternatives and that there is more to music/sound than the booty and grind. 

Each brother/member was conceived through a promiscuous act from the same woman, but each possessed a different father. And it was only a matter of time until they ran different paths and came to the same crossroad. Through the same distaste for their whore of a mother and the mental scarring of their lives do they vow to battle and prevent the same ill fate towards others. Each have their own unique origin but all possess a bloodlust for change.

The H.U.M.P Posse consists of:

  •  DJ GroinGun
  •  The Madd Buttler
  •  DJ Pelvicsword
  •  DJ Nadsmasher

And with reports of there being more unknown siblings, the H.U.M.P Posse will continue to grow!!!