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File Name: DJ Pelvicsword
Codename: The milit ant aka the phire fight orchestrator

Raised in a neighbourhood of so called "gangstas", PelvicSword was a witness to many accounts of playas and swingers finding and grinding.  There were numerous drive by shootings on the houses of neighbourhood girls who wanted child support for their unplanned pregnancies.  PelvicSword also noticed that there were females involved in the game of 'who could fuck who and who could buck who a shot on who'.  This wasn't safe.  Diseases were abound.  Young kids falling victim to the gatt, lying on the ground. This had to stop.  So he went to the local bar, "Fords", which contained a lot of playas, swingers and gangsters and scored the chance of  dj-ing for the whole night.  Now usually the regular dj would spin the wack tracks for all the hoops who would grind to and influence all the fellas to drink and lay their eyes on the thighs.
Well, that night when Pelvic Sword hooked up his distortion pedals to the Technics and started unloading Dawson's Creek samples of true love, the place was influenced. Playas and swingers were left in the dust when their 'targets' started talking about marriage and wanting to raise kids.  As well as wanting flowers and  intros to the family.  With one last spin of Barry white with some distorted samples from "Say Anything", he knew he had developed a style to make all the swingers and playas go ape shit. And they did.  His neighbourhood thrived on his music and was free from all the poisonous promiscuity.  But when he received the letter from Krotchbat, he knew he was4finished.

"Just like Apollo Creed said at the end of Rocky III ... ding ding ding!"

Here's a sneak preview of song titles from DJ Pelvicsword's
debut album, "the Pelvic Sword of Omen"

 1- the introduction to REAL (fuck the fake)
 2- fuck Axel the Homophobe 
 3- the silicone implants cause the breasts to explode
 4- fuck lip synchers
 5- the blade that kills fucking fascists
 6- ahh fuck, the record belt broke
 7- I'll never sell out for a cheap fuck
 8- “I don't like all this fucking noise, WAAAAHHHHHH"
 9- fuck the melodramatic playa
11- sexist scum can fucking shoot themselves
12- my dad fucks off with the family’s money and rots at the casino
13- fuck off with the tough guy bullshit
14- this cold rain fucks up the plans
15- money fuckers
16- fuck the university sell outs
17- this bed is fucking lumpy like Larry Mondello
18- the inferno that burns all the fucking burnouts
19- all hoops gather round and listen to this...   fuck RIGHT OFF!
20- fa q
21- all playas & swingers worldwide can orally fuck this uzi and pull the trigger while doing so
22- fuck all racist pieces of shit
23- shitty parents can really fuck up ones childhood
24- rave kids fucked up on flintstone vitamins and pepto
25- what the fuck is wrong with this world?
26- irresponsible fux
27- did Sarah Michelle Gellar just say i wanna fuck?"
28- all hoops, swingers, playas, wanna-be gangstas and non-profit prostitutes can fuck off
29- you fucking hurt me