DJ Nadsmasher


here is a sneak preview of song titles from DJ Nadsmasher's
debut album, "be careful kids, evil pedophiles walk these streets"

 I  - battle cry infinite
2 - this is to bury all those that have ever burned me and my friends
3 - severed players privates
4 - u got a rip in your couch
5 - ode to roadkill
6 - so now your mother is playing?
7 - as long as everyone is videotaping everyone else, justice will be served
8 - in the nose on double dare
9 - it's sad that some women allow themselves to be turned into fuck
10- dogs that were mistakenly issued credit cards
11- lay off the speed puente                     1
12- this is how i felt when i got my head stuck in a sock
14- quit blowing bubbles michael, no monkey deserves such abuse!
15- you could be reptar's butt
16- high heels will be sawed off
17- please doctor, can u prescribe to me the best way to wrestle?
18- wash your butt
19- dramatization may not have happened
20- turned on my bulls & funerals
21- actually, Monster Island is a peninsula
22- all i need  2 know about film making i learned from the toxic avenger
23- 2 words--Bryant Gumble
24- apathetics anonymous
25- remember to get your playa neutered or spayed
26- Omega red is in my bed (luke cage is the best lover REMIX)
27- puddles of metal reign
28- playa  received a broken nose, jaw and crotch when the protection broke
29- hey ms. swinger, pink or blue? 
30- swingers swinging their way to the grave when i'm thru