DJ Groingun


Artist Profile

File Name:Dj GroinGun
Codename:the anti-Siren siren aka the graveyard ghetto blaster

Primary specialty:old school beatdowns; anything but melodramatic noyze;  tales from the 4 hood;  the tactician and eater of the dead

Secondary Specialty:performance of "THE UNGOTH SPIDER" when on the dance floor; vandalizing Siren (a goth shop in T.O.) educating drama school dropouts on how to avoid becoming a future goth buffoon; hosting seminars on "having goth sex-the safe way"

   Having grown up with same whore of a mother as Krotchbat, G.gun was soon sent to live with his 'father’( who worked as a gravedigger for a cemetary in the bronx.  G.gun spent many nights in the cemetary with his father listening to public enemy and third bass while his dad worked.  No sooner than he started working there once his father  "passed the shovel", he encountered a gang of goth kids who would sit around the cemetary tombstones and make out with each other.

     "Once i was kicking out some Hieroglyphics while i was diggin for some fine jeweiry when some skank all dressed like the mom from the Addams Family, walks over, picks up my ghetto and starts stabbin it with some knife shaped like an onc.  She said i was disturbing their resurrection of Eddie Munster.  She mentioned that there must be no outside interruption while their midnight orgy of fake blood, sodomy and Bauhaus commences.  THAT DAMN HORROR WHORE BUSTED UP THE JAMS!!!!!!!!  THOSE BAT ASSES GOTTA PAY! 

     Since then DJ GroinGun has vowed to battle the melodramatic force of goth playas, horror whores and  fright night floozies.

     Creating grave yard shift influenced noize mixed in with boombastic beats sampled from hip hop classics, Groingun strives to revenge the death
of his beatbox and make those who are goth versions of his mother pay.