There is a class war happening in music
and HATu is on the front lines fighting for the oppressed.

HATu brings HATE-CORE-TERROR-STEP to a new level (not necessarily a better one, but defenetly adds a new edge).  With songs like "Elvis Was A Honkey Motherfucker", "If Yoko Ono Broke Up The Beatles, Then I'd Like To Shake Her Hand" & "It's Not My Fault Pink Floyd Sucks Shit" you can defenetly see the extreme knee-jerk approach HATu has taken.

Mixing hard trance beats with sonic noise feedback blasts and distorted synthesiers, HATu's first album, "the Fuck Music E.P." is an anti-musical onslaught that should be able to give anyone a headache.

Crediting Digital Hardcore Recordings, Panacea and Merzbow as primary influences you can tell where this youngster gets the angst and extreme sound.  HATu is insighting revolution by bringing death to corporate rock, pop-techno, mainstream bigbeat, commercial jungle/drumNbass, house and all traditional music in general.
Join the fight.