birth of the signature ukulele
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In Valhalla, the gods deemed it necessary to give unto Thor, the hammer Mjolnir.  In Camelot, the Lady of the Lake saw Arthur fit to weild Excalibur.  In Neverland, Bubbles the chimpanse suggested that Michael wear but one sequin gauntlet to prove his musical mastery.

In a like manner, the pagan god Dionysis, lord of the clambake, appeared before Doug in a dream, stating "an instrument in this realm of existence will never be able to equal your skill or withstand the awesome amount of chi energy that is expulsed when you play."
Dionysis then gave Doug strict instructions on where to locate the plans for the construction of this artifact.  After digging under the Rose City's train bridge for 17 minutes, Doug discovered 5 golden plates containing these blueprints.

The following is the instrument's creation.