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Deathface - this guitar was made for death
Space Invader - revenge of the space invader
Zymotic - murder
Rocky - death awaits all
Runaway SiX - overdrive
Titan - heartbeat
Blame it on Coleman - christina ricci likes the pixies and fugazi
Angelica Jinx - space station over lego land
mrPunCh - zebrad
Rabid Boy-Squirrel Rabbit - peach pit
Douglas Nagy, The Sinister Ukulele Minstrel - rally beach
Stickman - rcmp is after me (acapella version)
They Came From Beyond - the man with x ray eyes
The Victims - rape
We Jerk Off - the closest power violence came in 97
Mad Agent - the devil stole my sandwich
DJ Krotchbat - how is kelly going to feel when you dump her for some flu-shot floozy? (lost album remix)
DJ Groingun - morpheus says, "i don't like onc brand condoms, they cover up the paleness of my privates!!!!!! (that's why you're the next target!!! mix)
basement kid - you heard wrong
DJ Nadsmasher - the H.I.V.e
Salon - reservations for 3 salon medley please?
the Wank System (tm) - simulates heaven, in seconds
HATu - i don't feel free
DJ Pelvicsword - headbutt to playa's nuts
Madd Buttler - she kissed over 60 fucking morons