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Chris Tammaro



            1 INT. CASINO - NIGHT                                       
              Dice snatched.  A high stakes orgy!  Shaken.  Chaos!  Thrown.
              The CROWD goes wild.  Tumble.   On to a craps table.
                        Snake eyes!
              Groans, cheers from rabid PLAYERS.
              JAKE ROBY (early 30's) slumps, the last of his chips swept
              from the board.
              Jake is trim, handsome, dishevelled, a charmer and a rogue.
              Jake has snake eyes too.
              Jake regroups, eyes darting, seeking his next opportunity.
              A cigarette pack and gold lighter lay beside him on the table
              rail.  He bumps a PLAYER, spilling a drink, creating a
              diversion.  Jake palms the lighter and cigarettes and melts
              Jake is on the prowl.  He flips the lighter deftly in the
              air.  It tumbles into his jacket pocket.  He drops the smokes
              on a drink tray of a passing WAITRESS.
              Jake acquires a target.
              HIGH ANGLE VIDEO CAMERA ANGLE-Jake bumps a female SENIOR
              playing the ten dollar slots.  In a flurry, Jake scoops a
              couple of tokens from her pile.
                        Sorry ma'am.
              Jake palms the chips with more SLIGHT OF HAND.  He spins and
              offers his empty hands high for her inspection as he tails
              Jake slides into a chair at another slot machine.  With hand
              motions that challenge the eye, Jake makes the stolen tokens
              The Senior scopes Jake from afar.
                               (continuing; sotto)
                        Old bag.
              The Senior solicits sympathy from other PLAYERS.
              Jake slides in a token and pulls the handle.  No luck.
              Jake regards the last chip.
                        Drum-roll please, ladies and
              Jake inserts the token and pulls the handle.
              The machine clamours.
                        I am the winner!
              Uniformed HANDS grab for Jake.  TWO security MEN pull Jake
              away from the chiming machine.
                        Guys, I won!
              The Senior moves in to scoop up the winnings.
                        The old lady's stealing my money!
            2 INT. CASINO CORRIDOR - NIGHT                               
              The stone-faced Guards strong arm Jake toward the exit doors.
                                  FOREST WHITAKER
                        Observe Mr. Jake Roby, who fancies
                        himself a high stakes roller, or
                        in the vernacular, a player.
                                  FOREST WHITAKER (cont'd)
                        He yearns to strut along those
                        brilliantly lit boulevards of
                        greed, disappointment and false
                        promises.  Be advised that every
                        underhanded deceit Jake has
                        crafted to this point in his life
                        are the very reasons our hero
                        finds himself closer to his dream
                        than he could ever imagine.  For
                        Mr. Roby is currently being
                        auditioned for membership in a
                        very exclusive club.  The price of
                        admission, to be paid in full,
                        just the other side of those
                               (reading the name tag)
                        Officer Squarlsky, what do you say
                        we go back and get our money?
                                  FOREST WHITAKER
               the Twilight Zone.
              Jake lands face first into the door.
                                    ACT ONE
            3 EXT. CASINO BACK EXIT - NIGHT                              
              Doors slam shut.  Jake tumbles onto the street.  His groans
              turn to laughter as he rolls on his back.  He thrusts a
              wallet high in the air, victorious.  A security badge glints,
              pinned to the front.
              Jake digs out a fistful of bills from within.
                        Officer Squarlsky, I believe I've
                        found your wallet...
              From a darkened corner a voice echoes.
                        Oh Officer Squarlsky, I believe
                        I've found your wallet.
              Jake rolls on his knees to face the direction of the shadowed
                           JAKE                          WINO
                   Hey...who's that?...          Who's that?...
              Jake crawls forward.  A hunchbacked figure is revealed,
              stooped against the side of the building.  It's an old WINO
              wearing dark glasses.  Propped beside him is a white cane.
              The Old Man shakes his begging hat, loose change rattling
                        Not your night I hear.
                        The night is still young and
                        you're not, old man.
              The Wino jangles his begging hat again.
                        Try a busier street.
              Jake waves the money in the old man's face.
                        If I were a betting man, I'd say
                        you were a betting man.
                        I've been known to place a wager
                        on occasion.
              Jake eyes the hat full of money.  He inches his hand closer.
                        What's your game young son?
                        Golden opportunities...
              Jake eases a five dollar bill from the hat.
                        ...and high stakes stud poker.
                        Winner takes all.
              The Wino grabs Jake's arm with incredible force.  Jake
                        Well, I sense a golden opportunity
                        in your near future.  However, it
                        requires a small investment on
                        your part to be realized.
              The old man shakes Jake's wrist several times until Jake
              releases the bill back into the hat.
                        Bet on the Alvarez in the Preston-
                        Alvarez fight.
                        No odds in that.  Preston'll kill
                        that bum.
                        Take an old man's advice.
              The casino doors fly open and Officer Squarlsky and the other
              Guard step out.  They spot Jake.
              Jake scrambles to his feet.  The Guards start toward him.
                        Why should I risk my money?
              Jake flings the wallet toward the Guards.  Squarlsky
              scrambles after it.
                        You need to get back in the game,
                        don't you?
              Jake stares at the Wino.  Jake runs away.
                        Alvarez is a bum.
            4 INT. TRACY'S APARTMENT - NIGHT                             
              Tracy Lattimer (late 30ish) bandages Jake's cut forehead.
              They're sitting on the bed.  She is pretty yet weary.  She
              wears a waitress costume, the skimpy kind girls wear in
              sleazy Atlantic City bars.  Her apartment is sparse, K-mart
                        You ran into a pole?
                        He sounded European.
                               (he pulls away)
                        Thanks babe.
              She leans closer inviting affection.
                        It's good having you back Jake.
                        What time do you have to be at
                        Spend the night.  When I get home
                        I'll make you some breakfast.
              Jake grabs the remote and clicks on the TV.
                        Thanks Tracy.
              Tracy leans to kiss Jake.  He turns and offers his cheek
              instead.  Love is blind to Tracy.
                        See ya Jake.
            5 INT  COFFEE SHOP - DAY                                     
              Jake approaches WALTER, (50ish) draped in gold jewelry.
              Walter devours a heart attack special.
                        Look who's back in town.
                        Come to play cards Jake?
                        Not today.
              Walter looks up for the first time.
                        You were saying?
                        Taking bets on the fight tonight?
                        Some things don't change, eh?
                               (another bite)
                        I'll need to see a more tangible
                        manifestation of your intent.
              Jake uses slight of hand to produce the stolen money.  He
              smoothly separates fifty dollars from the wad.  He lays the
              remainder down.
                        Four hundred.
                        Looks like three fifty to me.
                        I gotta eat Walter.  Alvarez.
                        Preston's the man, my friend.
              Jake considers.
                        Four hundred on the Colombian.
               Walter chows down.
                        He's a bum.
                        We're all bums Walter.
              Jake walks.
            6 INT. CASINO BAR - NIGHT                                    
              The Preston-Alvarez fight blares on TV over the barroom din.
                                  FIGHT ANNOUNCER
                        Alvarez is taking a beating ladies
                        and gentlemen!  Oh, a left hook,
                        Alvarez is down!  The ref pushes
                        Preston back to his corner.
                        Alvarez is up, he shakes it off.
              Jake twirls the umbrella in his drink.  He's dejected,
              Alvarez is losing.  But he's eyeing TWO attractive LADIES
              sitting nearby.  They've noticed him too.
                                  FIGHT ANNOUNCER
                               (continuing; bell
                        End of the second round.  Lanny
                        Preston is looking very strong...
              Jake swings off his seat and scoops a rose from a vase on the
              piano.  He approaches the Women.
              Jake unfurls a napkin from the Ladies' table and employs
              slight of hand to make a rose appear.  The Women are
              delighted.  They invite him to sit.  Jake eyes an expensive
              gold necklace that one of the Women is wearing.  Jake hails
              for more drinks.
            7 INT. HOTEL HALLWAY - MORNING                               
              The door swings open and Jake creeps out.  The room is a
              shambles, clothes, empty wine bottles strewn everywhere.
              We can see one, maybe two figures, asleep under the covers of
              a king size bed.
              Jake eases the door closed.  With the same deft hand Jake
              produces the gold necklace that was worn by the Woman in the
              bar.  He weighs it in his hand.  Jake bends and grabs the
              newspaper at his feet.
              Jake walks down the hall, scanning to the Sports section.
              Close up PICTURE of the Alvarez-Preston fight.
              A meaty finger taps the Photo.
            8 INT. COFFEE SHOP - MORNING                                 
                        He's dead you know.
              Walter grabs the paper from Jake and throws it on the table.
              Walter digs into an encore breakfast.
                        Preston.  Your man Alvarez
                        pummelled him.
                        Indeed.  Blood clot.  His brain
                        exploded.  My sources tell me he
                        kicked it in his Las Vegas hotel
                        room this morning.
                        Preston is my hero, he died for
                        the cause.
              Walter retrieves an envelope from his jacket and throws it on
              the newspaper.
                        You're cold Jake.  Nineteen
                        hundred and sixty clams.  Six to
                        Let's see, twenty four hundred...?
                        Less juice, plus the fifty I
                        fronted you.
                        At six to one...
              Jake picks up the paper.  The envelope slides onto the table.
                        I gotta eat too Jake.
              Jake takes a closer look at the photo.  In the audience Jake
              spots the Wino.
                        I got to see someone.
              Walter studies the envelope as he shovels in another forkful.
              Jake walks, paper in hand.
            9 INT. PAWN SHOP - AFTERNOON                                 
              Sitting on the counter is the necklace and the gold lighter.
              A PAWNBROKER counts out money and hands it to Jake.
              Jake shuffles the bills like cards and makes them disappear.
           10 EXT. STREET - AFTERNOON                                    
              Jake struts, searching, the newspaper still tucked under his
              arm.  Things are going Jake's way.
              Jake pushes through a tourist COUPLE referring to a map.  He
              fakes apologies.  Jake ducks into an alley and produces a
              wallet he's lifted from the Couple.
              Jake opens the wallet and pulls out a few dollars as well as
              a book of traveller's cheques.  He shrugs, pockets the bills
              and tosses the wallet and traveller's cheques.
              Jake walks back toward the street.
              The Wino, propped against the building, offers his hat.
              Jake squats in front of him.
                               (holding the paper
                        You were at the fight old man?
                        In Vegas?  You're kidding.  Too
                        bad about Preston.
              The Wino rattles his hat.
                        Spare some change my young son?
              Jake pulls out a twenty and snaps the bill in front of the
                        Sounds like you took my advice?
                        We won, didn't we.
                        You did.  Like the ponies boy?
              The Wino rattles the coins in his hat.  Jake considers.  He
              drops the twenty in.  The Wino rattles his hat again.  Jake
              peels off a fifty from his roll and waves it in front of the
              Wino's face.
              The Wino grabs Jake's arm and forces his hand closer.  The
              Wino sniffs the bill in Jake's hand.
                               (continuing; grinning)
                        I love that smell, don't you?
              Jake drops the fifty into the the hat, reluctant to endure
              another bout of pain.
                        Shaw's Creek.  Third race.  Santa
                        Anita.  Time?
                               (looking at his watch)
                        I give up old man.
                        Another step closer to your
                        golden opportunity.  Twenty five
                        minutes to payday.
              Jake stands, spins, searching.  He spies a phone booth across
              the street.
              Jake races toward the phone as CARS brake to avoid him.
              Jake reaches the booth, slides coins in and dials.
                        Walter, Santa Anita, third race
           11 INT. WALTER'S OFFICE - AFTERNOON                           
              INTERCUT AS NEEDED
              Walter is sitting with several phones and a submarine
              sandwich on the go.
              Walter's PARTNER, a similarly dressed thug, shoulders a
              couple of phones at the desk opposite.  He's eating too.
                        Who's your little bird Jake?
                        I'm calling it inspiration.  Is it
                        too late?
              Walter checks a racing form, then the time.
                        It's never too late Jake.
                        Fantastic!  Shaw's Creek to win.
                        Throw in another four hundred?
                        And how am I to be certain that
                        your intentions are honourable
                        I'll come right now with the
                        money.  I can just make it.
                        I sense an earnestness in you that
                        I've never witnessed before Jake.
                        Not to worry this time, I'll catch
                        up with you later.
              Walter clicks off and speed dials on the other phone.
                        Afternoon Miles.  Can you take a
                        quick one?  Shaw's Creek, Santa A,
                        third race?...he's a dog?  What
                        are the odds?  Go ahead, twenty
                        three hundred...
                               (ponders, standing,
                        No, wait, will you take...thirty
                        four thousand, Shaw's Creek, to
                        win...I know, I know Miles, the
                        whole world's crazy.
              The Partner scowls.  Walter does a little jig.
           12 EXT. STREET - AFTERNOON                                    
              Jake hangs up the phone.  He does a little jig.
              Jake turns, looking back across the street.  No Wino.  He
              scans left then right.
              The Wino is hobbling just out of Jake's sight around a
                        Hey, old man!
              Jake races back across the street, dodging more traffic.
              Jake rounds the corner of the building.  He comes to a halt.
              The Wino has disappeared.
              A Rent a Cop cruiser squeals to a stop in front of Jake.
              Before he can escape, Officer Squarlsky is on him.
                        Well, Jake Roby.  I wondered when
                        I'd run into you.
              Squarlsky hustles Jake to the cruiser.
                        Officer Squarlsky, I found
                        something that may belong to you.
              Squarlsky elbows Jake and throws him head first against the
              Blood oozes from his reopened cut.
                        Nasty cut won't heal eh Jake?
                        I was just coming see you.
              Squarlsky opens the back seat door.  He spins Jake and forces
              his head down as he pushes Jake in.
                        Watch the head.
              In a flash Jake's hand, full of bills, flies back into
              Squarlsky's face.
                        Your money, I found your money!
              Squarlsky snatches the cash.  He slams the door on Jake's
              wrist.  Jake screams, his hand writhing.  Squarlsky opens the
              door enough for Jake to withdraw his arm.
              Jake looks at the Camera out the rear window as the cruiser
              pulls away.
                                    ACT TWO
           13 EXT. POLICE STATION - EVENING                              
              Tracy helps Jake limp onto the street.
              Tracy searches and finds a CAB to hail.
                        Atlantic City hospitality hasn't
              The Cab drives to the curb beside them.
                        At least you made bail.
              Tracy eases Jake into the Cab.
                        It's not about the money Jake.
                        I promise, I'll make it up to you.
           14 INT. WALTER'S OFFICE - DAY                                 
                        What the hell happened?
              Jake is looking the worse for wear.
                        I need glasses.  I keep running
                        into things.
              Walter slides an envelope across the desk.  He punches a
              remote and the Santa Anita horse race plays on his TV.
                        Our horse won.
              Walter smiles.  Jake clues in, Walter bet too.
                        Congratulations in order all
                        Indeed Jake.  Everyone's a winner
                        but poor Jerry Rose.
              Horses and Jockeys tumble on the TV.
                        Mystic Dancer, Jerry's ride.  The
                        favourite at Santa Anita in your
                        third race.  Tripped and took poor
                        Jerry and the two other jockeys
                        down with her.  Jerry's neck,
                        snapped.  Shaw's Creek glided an
                        easy furlong ahead to the finish
              Video of stretcher bearers removing the body.
                        Jake, does someone have to die
                        every time you win?
                        It's a sad story Walter.  My money?
                        Forty six thousand and forty
                        dollars.  Less juice.
                        Still playing stud poker?
                        Looking to get back in the game,
                        eh Jake?  Tomorrow night, as
                        usual. Still fifty large to sit at
                        my table.  By my calculation
                        you're eight thousand five hundred
                        and sixty four dollars away from
                        being invited.  And I will require
                        ...tangible manifestation of my
              Jake pockets the envelope.
                        Tomorrow night Walter.
           15 INT. TRACY'S APARTMENT - EVENING                           
              Jake and Tracy are in bed.  The envelope with the money lays
              on the bedspread.
                        You bet with Walter?
                        I know.
                        He's the reason you were sent up
                        But better to play with the devil
                        you know that the one you don't.
                        And we won Tracy!  Look it, let's
                        take the money and get out of
                        here.  Buy a house...
              Tracy's heard all this before.
                        I'm serious.  Move out to Reno.
                        The mountain air'll be good for
                        What about Walter's card game Jake?
                               (moving closer)
                        Truthfully, tempted.  But I'm
                        through Tracy. Through gambling.
              Tears begin to run down Tracy's face.  Jake hugs her but she
              pushes him away.
                        I never meant to hurt you Tracy.
              Tracy wipes her face.  She gets up and moves to her dresser.
              She slides open the top drawer and reaches underneath.  Two
              sealed envelopes are taped there.  Tracy feels both the pulls
              out one of the envelopes.
              Tracy holds out the envelope.
              Jakes eyes widen.  He motions toward the envelope, then backs
              off.  An awkward, guilty beat.
                        It's all I have.  Twelve thousand.
                        My share, toward our house.
              Tracy passes the envelope to Jake.  Jake takes it and puts it
              on top of the other envelope.
              They embrace.
              Jake studies his reflection in the dresser mirror.
           16 INT. TRACY'S APARTMENT - DAWN                              
              Jake slides out of bed.  Tracy is asleep.  He grabs his
              clothes and the two envelopes and sneaks out.
                                   ACT THREE
           17 INT. COFFEE SHOP - MORNING                                 
              Jake contemplates the two envelopes before him.  They sit on
              the Homes section of the newspaper.  Jake grabs the one from
              Tracy.  He sniffs it.  Nothing.  Jake tucks them back in his
              A GUY next to Jake gets up to leave.  He drops a couple of
              dollars on the counter as a tip.
              Jake picks up the Sports section.  There is a picture of the
              Santa Anita accident.
              Jake inspects the photo.  Closer.
              The Wino stands beside the stretcher carrying the Jockey.
                        Who are you old man?
              Jake looks around.  He slides the newspaper over the tip left
              on the counter next to him.  He palms the money.
              Jake walks to the cash.  Walter is entering the diner.
                        Still a few dollars short for the
                        game tonight Jake?
              Jake pays, counting out the stolen bills as part payment.
                        I'm good as gold Walter.
              Jake turns to go.
                        Tracy's outside...You haven't
                        disappointed her again, have you?
                               (not looking back)
                        See you tonight Walter.
           18 EXT. STREET - DAY                                          
              Tracy stands at the curb, beside an idling Cab.  She wavers,
              but she's resolved.
              Jake takes a few steps toward her.  He begins to say
              something but hesitates.  Jake pulls her envelope from his
              pocket and offers it to her.
              Tracy climbs in the Cab and it pulls away.
              Jake weighs the envelope in his hand.  He tears it open.
              Jake pulls out cut paper in the shape of bills.
              Tracy figured him out!
              He drops the paper.  A gust of wind swirls the paper in the
           19 INT. CASINO - AFTERNOON                                    
              The craps table is crowded, chaos, a high stakes orgy.
              Jake takes the envelope from his pocket and pulls out the
              last of the money.
                        Ten thousand.
              The Croupier counts out the money and slides over the
              equivalent in chips.
              Jake scatters the chips over the betting board.
                        Drum roll please ladies and
              Jake grabs the dice.  Shaken, thrown, tumble onto the table.
                        Snake eyes!
              The PLAYERS go wild.  Jake's chips are swept away.
           20 EXT. CASINO - AFTERNOON                                    
              Jake lurches through the doors.  He's frazzled,
              hyperventilating.  Directly across from him stands the Wino.
              Jake starts to run to him.  He trips and falls.  Jake hits
              his head, reopening the cut.  Blood trickles down his face.
              Jake staggers forward to the Wino.
                        You were at Santa Anita?
              The Wino smiles.
                        And Las Vegas for the fight.
                        I get around Jake.
                        You know my name.
                        I know all about you Jake.  And I
                        also know you'll do anything to
                        get back in the game, won't you?
                        I'll split the money with you?
                        Oh, I have more money than I need
                        my young son.
                        What do you want?  What do you get
                        out of this.
              The Wino waves Jake closer.  Jake leans in.  Jake's image is
              reflected in the Wino's glasses.
                        I want you.
              Jake recoils, stunned.
                        Oh, don't worry about it now Jake.
                        Let's get you back in the game
                        first.  The Forty Niners.  They're
                        playing in Philly.
                        They're bums old man.
                           WINO                          JAKE
                   The Broncos in Texas...       Bums...
              The Wino raises his finger to admonish.
                        The Browns, the Patriots, the
                        Vikings, play the spread, 12
                        points...Your golden opportunity
                        has arrived my young son.
           21 INT. CASINO - AFTERNOON                                    
              Jake makes a phone call.
                        Walter.  Got a pencil.  The Forty
                        Niners, Broncos, Patriots and
                        Vikings.  Twelve point spread on
                        each game.
           22 INT. WALTER'S OFFICE - AFTERNOON                           
              INTERCUT AS NEEDED
              Walter is making two hero sandwiches at his desk.  His
              Partner is slicing a pickle.  Walter flicks on the speaker.
                        Just a hunch Jake?
                        You could say that.  Five K on
                        each.  I can come over...
                        No need Jake.  I would say our
                        relationship has matured somewhat
                        over the last few days.
              Jake drops the phone.
              Walter pushes his Partner away.  He does a jig as he speed
                        Miles...fifty large on each.
                        Forty Niners, Broncos, Patriots,
                        Vikings!...twelve point spread.
                        Yes Miles, the whole world has
                        gone crazy.
           23 INT. CASINO BAR - NIGHT                                    
              Jake twirls the umbrella in his drink.  He's dejected, more
              bad news on the TV.
                                  TV ANNOUNCER
                        ...Oh!  Ralston, the Vikings
                        quarterback is still not getting
                        up.  He was taken hard to the
                        ground. The trainer has called for
                        a stretcher...Ralston's not moving
                        folks, this could be it for the
              Jake has one eye on the Viking game, blaring on TVs scattered
              throughout the room and one on a pretty WOMAN sitting alone
              at a booth, nursing a drink.
              Jake moves passed the piano and lifts a rose from the vase
              on top.
              Jake approaches the Woman.  Jake unfurls a folded napkin from
              her table and makes the rose appear from within.  A large MAN
              steps in front of Jake to greet the Woman.  They stare at
              Jake, annoyed.
              Jake turns away.  The TV blares at him.
                                  TV ANNOUNCER
               a surreal coincidence that
                        defies explanation, we're saddened
                        to report the apparent suicide
                        earlier this afternoon of Trenton
                        Issacs, wide receiver for the San
                        Francisco 49ers...
              HIGH ANGLE VIDEO CAMERA-Jake steps closer to the TV.  A beat
              later Jake scrambles over the bar.
              Jake pushers past a BARTENDER and grabs the remote.
              Jake flips to another channel.  He jams the volume button
              flat out.
                                  TV ANNOUNCER 2
                        ...Lance Silver, coach of the
                        Cleveland Browns sustained fatal
                        injuries in a car accident on the
                        way to today's...just a minute
                        folks, I've just been informed
                        that Trevor Jones, quarter back of
                        the Boston Patriots has been
                        rushed to Valdez Memorial Hospital
                        in Boston after taking a hit in
                        his game today...
              Jake hurls the remote.  It disintegrates against a wall.
              PATRONS are shocked.
              Jake turns.  Past the TV at the entrance to the bar, Officer
              Squarlsky beckons him.
           24 INT. CASINO EXIT - NIGHT                                   
              Jake beelines down the corridor for the door.
              Squarlsky marches, steps behind.  He slaps his baton against
              his thigh.
           25 EXT. CASINO BACK EXIT - NIGHT                              
              Jake bursts out of the doors and into the arms of the
              Partner.  Jake struggles a beat.  It's useless.  Walter steps
              forward and grabs Jake's face.
                        You're a bum Jake.
              A LIMOUSINE idles nearby.
              In silhouette, the hunchbacked figure of the Wino, stands on
              the far side of the car.
              The Partner forces Jake toward the limo.  Walter follows.
              Officer Squarlsky appears in the exit doors and watches.
                        We lost a lot of money today
              The Partner pushes Jake into the back seat of the limo.
                        Watch your head Jake.
           26 INT. LIMO - NIGHT                                          
              Jake tumbles into the back seat.
              DEVIL'S EYES glare back at Jake, reflected in the rear view
              The Wino, in chauffeur's attire, is driving.  As he turns
              back to Jake, the Wino slides on his sunglasses and smiles.
                        It's time, my young son.
              The privacy window powers closed.
           27 EXT. CASINO BACK EXIT - NIGHT                              
                                  FOREST WHITAKER
                               (standing nearby)
                        Deemed supremely qualified and
                        duly initiated, our Mr. Roby is
                        awarded his complimentary first
                        class ride into oblivion.  And it
                        bears repeating, if you choose to
                        find your heaven in hell, there's
                        always someone willing to show you
                        the way...
              Jake stares out the back window.
              Walter and the Partner stand in front of Officer Squarlsky at
              the Casino door.
              The car begins to move slowly away.
              JAKE'S POV of Squarlsky, the Partner and Walter.  The Wino is
              Forrest, revealed, turns and watches the limo tail away.
                                  FOREST WHITAKER
               the Twilight Zone.