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Chris Tammaro

Section 2


                        ...what if we fly him to
                        Yellowknife, in his Chemturion.
                        We haven't broken procedure.

                        They're not flying.  The weather.

                        But this is an emergency!  He can
                        be in Maryland in less that eight

                               (looks to the door)
                        No Beth.

              A Technician enters the tent, a rifle slung on his shoulder.

                        Who the hell...?  You've got to be

                        Listen, Joseph...things have have
                        changed.  The Army is stepping in,
                        now that there's been a suspected
                        exposure.  It's strictly a
                        contingency thing.
                        Why wasn't I in on this?

                        It was just another detail.  No
                        one could have predicted this.  It
                        was just, decided.

                        By who!

                        Phil.  On a need to know basis.

                        Well, now I know.

                        Nothing personal Beth.

              Joseph begins to convulse on the cot.  Connie can't hold him
              down.  Joseph sits up and rips off his Helmet.  He struggles
              to breathe, blood streaming from his ears. Mucus drips off
              his chin.  Another Tech rushes to help.

              Beth and Murray race over.

              Joseph pushes Connie away.  She crashes into some medical

              The Tech, anticipating trouble, unslings his rifle.  He aims
              at Joseph.

              Peter is distressed.

              Joseph is making those strange guttural noises now, his eyes
              rolling in his head.  He pushes the Tech back.

              Joseph lunges at Beth.  Murray tackles Joseph to the floor.
              The Tech jumps back in to help subdue him.  Connie is back on
              her feet.

              It is deja vu for Peter.

                        Dilantin, 4 cc's, now!

              Connie goes for a syringe.

              Connie freezes.


                        He's got the Jolly Rant!

              -FLASHBACK  Scene 11.  The Loser flailing on top of his

              Murray punches Joseph in the jaw.  Bloody spray spatters his
              glass face plate.  Joseph falls unconscious.

                               (to Connie)
                        No sedation.

                        On whose authority?

              Murray turns to Beth.  The Tech swings his rifle toward Beth.

                        I'm in charge of this now!

              Peter watches Beth simmer.

                        Observe.  Forty eight hours.

              22.  INT. AUTOPSY TENT - DAY

              Peter is getting worse.  He stands peering out a clear
              plastic window in the side of the tent.  He squints, blinking
              away the sweat dripping in his eyes.

              Outside a Tech is aiming a PARABOLIC DISH.  It's beginning to

              Beth watches the Nurse monitor Joseph in the distance.  He's
              fully restrained on the cot.  He moves his head, now back in
              a Helmet, from side to side in frustration.  He tugs against
              his restraints.  The Virus is running its course.
              Across the Tent another Tech is tuning in a PHONE DIAL TONE
              on a SATELLITE UP-LINK TRANSMITTER. Beside the Transmitter,
              Connie is prepping an examining table.

              Another Tech adjusts dials on a MACHINE (Biological Field
              Monitor) next to Connie.

              The armed Tech stands beside Murray while he talks on the Sat

              The Video Tech is setting up his camera in front of the exam

              Murray concludes his conversation.  He disconnects and hands
              the phone to the Phone Tech on his way to Beth and Peter.

              The Phone Tech places the Sat Phone in a cradle beside the Up-
              Link Transmitter.

                        That was Phil McGuire.

                        And how is the General today?


              Murray steps to the examining table.


              Connie puts the Bio Hazard Cooler on the table.

              Beth walks toward Murray.  Behind her, Peter watches.

              Connie takes a lung from the Cooler.  She lays it on the
              table.  Murray prepares to dissect the organ, selecting a
              bread knife.

              Video Tape is rolling.

              Beth arrives.  She nods toward the Machine.

                        This is new.

              Murray begins to section the lung.  Peter arrives beside Beth.
                        It's a field monitor.  It will
                        analyze the DNA structure of
                        sample cells.  It's used to detect
                        biological entities.

                        As in biological warfare entities.

                        Phil's people loaned it to me.

                        Why am I not surprised.

              Murray keeps working.  He's smug, he's got the upper hand.

                        Connie, can you prep a slide for
                        me please?
                               (to Beth)
                        We'd like to get the data to the
                        up-link as soon as we can.

              Murray passes sample flesh to Connie.  Connie and Peter both
              listen intently to the argument.  Connie is prepping the

                               (pointing at the
                        You're going to send the DNA codes
                        to Maryland!

              Murray keeps working.

              Peter realizes the implications.  He slowly moves closer to
              the Transmitter.

                        We have a viable bug here
                        which...Murray, we can't just let
                        it get out!

              Beth moves closer to him, pressing her argument.  The armed
              Tech tenses.

              Connie hands Murray back the prepped slide.
                        You've told them how potent it is.

              Murray prepares to put the slide into the Field Monitor.

                        Beth, they just want to help us.

                        Help us!  Look at Joseph.  They're
                        not doin' a damned thing for him.
                        Can't you see!  They will use this
                        as a weapon!

              Peter has slid behind the Transmitter.

                        You're being ridiculous!

                        No Murray, what's ridiculous is
                        that you're going to give it to

              Peter raises his cane to swing at the phone.

              The Tech swings his gun up toward Peter.


              Murray scrambles between the Tech and Peter, trying to save
              the Up-Link.

              Peter's cane smashes the phone.

              BANG.  The Tech pulls up as the rifle goes off.


              Bullets spray in Murray's direction. One smashes into
              Murray's helmet.

              Murray and Peter go down.

               ACT FOUR

              23.  INT. AUTOPSY TENT - DAY

              Peter pours a shot from his flask and downs it.  He's still
              sweating and breathing with difficulty.  He's sitting on his
              cot, his Helmet is off.

              Beth and Connie are attending to Murray lying on a cot.  His
              head is bandaged beneath his Helmet.  His breathing is

              An IV bottle is suspended next to his cot.  A tube leads to
              his arm, through his Suit.

              A few feet away is a BODY BAG on Joseph's cot.  No one else
              is in the Tent.

                        Be still.

              Murray tries to move.


                        Easy.  The bullet struck you in
                        the helmet and deflected.  Your
                        helmet was damaged.

              Murray tries to sit up.  He feels the restraining strap
              across his chest.

                        Am I...?

                        We cleaned your wound.  We got you
                        into a new suit as soon as we

              It sinks in.  Murray rolls his head toward the Body Bag.

                        Joseph is dead.

                               (to Connie)
                        You agree with her?

              Connie nods.  Beth's logic has her convinced even though her
              heart is with Murray.

                        What about him?

                        I'm OK.

                        He has no helmet.

                        He took it off.  We were too busy
                        to stop him.  We can't risk him
                        outside now.  I've ordered
                        everyone else out.  Even your
                        rifle man.  They were all quite
                        happy to oblige.

              Beth takes a loaded syringe from Connie.

                        Also, the up-link was
                        damaged...You know this has gone
                        too far.

                        So Phil doesn't get his data.  I
                        guess that pleases you.

                        I'm under no illusions.  At some
                        point he's going to come up here
                        after it.

              Beth holds the syringe up to Murray.

                        Nothing personal, Murray.

              She injects the medicine into the IV.

                        Beth, I still think you're wrong.

                        I won't take the chance.  I don't
                        trust you.  I don't trust Phil.
                        I'm finishing it here and now.

              Murray drifts off.

              Peter looks up.  He's getting worse.

                        You're right.

              Beth looks long and hard at him.

                        About what, old man?

              Peter relives the past.

              FADE UP:

              24.  EXT. ELLIS BAY - NIGHT -1918

              Everyone carries oil lanterns.  Children walk to the Large
              Building, some with their Fathers, heading off to the Mine.
              Above the doorway is the sign - ELLIS BAY COAL COMPANY.
              Below, the other sign - SCHOOL.

              Behind the buildings, large timbers frame the mine entrance
              in the hill.  Miners enter.

              Peter hides at the corner of the Building.  His gaze fixes on
              the top of the hill.  He is deciding.

              Peter scoots up the hill.

              25.  EXT. TOP OF THE HILL - NIGHT

              Peter catches his breath.  He turns up the flame in his lamp.
              Peter finds his bearings.

              Peter treks into the distance.

              Peter rests.  His trail of footprints in the snow falls away
              in the background.  The wind is picking up, it is beginning
              to snow.

              Peter is getting further now.  He is becoming nervous.  He
              pauses by a rock outcropping to rest.  He turns to reconfirm
              his position, checking his tracks.

              Snow is blowing into his footprints.

              Peter presses on.  Wolves howl in the distance.

                        Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

              Peter is scared.  He searches.  In the corner of his eye he
              sees something.  He adjusts the wick on the lantern, the
              flame burns brighter.  He steps off his path.

              Peter stops.  He holds his lamp higher.  He walks slowly into
              a large area of scorched earth.

              In the center, a small pile of rocks is pushed up.  The
              impact point.  Smoke rises from among the rocks.

              Peter kneels at the pile.  A faint Greenish Glow emanates
              from beneath the rocks.  Peter takes off his glove and holds
              his hand over the rocks.


              He takes off the other mitt and begins to move the rocks
              aside.  One.  Two.  Then another.

              ON Peter as he continues to work.  The Green Glow intensifies
              as more rocks are removed.  Peter's expression changes to awe
              and wonderment.

              He reveals a small, glowing METEORITE.

              Peter touches it tentatively, then withdraws his hand.

              Peter picks it up in both hands, examining, feeling the shape.

              The glowing Outer Shell splits in two, on its own, like the
              shell of an egg.

              Inside is an ORB, dotted with FLUORESCENT GREEN FLECKS.

                        My lucky star!

              The weather is worsening.

              Peter's mitt blows away.  He grabs for it.

              Peter pulls a handkerchief from his pocket.  He wraps the Orb
              carefully and puts it in his pocket.  He grabs the lantern
              and is on his way.

              Peter struggles back along the path.  It is obscured, the
              footprints filled in with blowing snow.

              Peter stops at the rock outcropping.  He is shivering, snow
              and ice frozen to his clothing.  He searches.

              Peter reaches for a rock.  He pulls it away.  Another,
              Another.  Rocks give way.

              26.  INT. CAVE - NIGHT

              Peter holds his lamp out to illuminate the hole.  He slips in
              through the small opening.  He crouches, trying to warm

              Peter pulls the hanky from his pocket.  He ponders.

              Peter hears the shouts of Men in the distance.


              Peter considers the Orb.  Peter scrapes out a small hiding
              spot.  He covers the Orb with dirt and rocks.

                        Over here!  Dad!

              Peter scrambles outside the cave.

              27.  EXT. TOP OF THE HILL - NIGHT

              Peter searches.  The Men's voices have stopped.  The snow has
              drifted higher.  The going is harder.

                        I'm here Dad, this way!

              Peter gets bogged down in a drift.  He drops his oil lamp.
              The glass breaks, extinguishing the flame.

                        Help me!

              Peter can hardly move. He struggles, step by step.  He is
              losing strength now.

              Peter gives up. He drops where he stands and curls into a

                        Help me, someone!

              Peter is sobbing. Snow begins to drift across his body.

              Men shout in the distance once again.  Peter is too cold for
              more than a weak response.


              Large arms reach down and enfold the Boy.  POV of his Father
              brushing away the snow on his Son's face.

                        My boy, my dear boy!

              Peter's Father lifts him from the ground.

              Joyous Miners gather around the Father and Son.

              ACT FIVE

              28.  INT. AUTOPSY TENT - DAY

              Beth leans to put a thermometer into Peter's mouth.  He is
              seated on a cot. He pushes her hand away.

                        I'm not sick.

              Murray stirs on his cot, a few feet away.  Connie is curled
              up on a chair beside him, asleep.

                        It's still up there?

                        Anyone been back to this damned
                        place since?

                        I don't think so.

                        It's there.  As sure as I killed
                        twenty million.

                        That's ridiculous.

                        This is where the whole thing

              Beth grabs her laptop from the table.

                        No.  You're wrong.  Let me show
                        you this.

             Beth clicks away.  A MAP of North America appears on the

                        Based on newspaper reports, the
                        flu spread out from the east coast
                        of the US in the spring of 1918.

              An animated red swath superimposes over the map and bleeds
              out across North America.  In the corner of the screen the
              dates flash forward.  The continent shrinks and becomes a
              rotating globe.  Red encompasses the entire earth.

                        But that's where we landed!  In
                        New York.  Don't you see!

              Beth is getting the connection.

                        People started dyin' the same way
                        as up here in Ellis Bay.  It was
                        like I was leadin' death's parade!

                        You weren't the only one to come
                        down on that boat.
                        Oh sure.  They were carryin' it
                        too.  And once people started
                        givin' it to each other...There
                        wasn't a chance.  But it was me
                        that found it!  It was me that
                        gave it to my Dad and Mum!  To all
                        those poor people.

              Beth has no response.

                        Dr. Armstrong, you're a smart
                        woman.  Take a good look.  This is
                        all goin' to hell in a hand basket!

              29.  INT. AUTOPSY TENT - DAY

              Beth is having a heated conversation on the Sat phone.  She
              peers out the plastic window.  The storm is blowing, the site

                        I know, you couldn't get a plane
                        in here now if you wanted...Phil,
                        I do know that we have two sick
                        men here and I don't care about
                        your damned protocol...

              Murray stirs.  Connie is still curled up on her chair.  She
              is now awake and staring at Murray.

              Murray slowly opens his eyes and turns to her.  He smiles.

              Peter is sleeping on the nearby cot.


              Connie takes a look to Beth.  She's turned away, deep in

              Connie slides over to Murray.  He's struggling to get the
              words out but he seems lucid.

                        Murray.  How are ya' doin'?

                        Thirsty, baby.  My head, killing

              Murray pulls at his restraints.  He gives Connie a
              questioning look.

              Connie is torn.  She looks at Beth again.  Still turned away.

                        Hey, it's me.  I'm OK now.

              Connie smiles.  She undoes one of the velcro wrist straps.
              Then the other one.

                        We thought, you know.

              She peels off the chest restraint.

              Murray sits up.  Connie hugs him.  CLOSE on Murray.  He is
              sick!  His eyes dart, that evil smile lights up his face.


              Connie helps Murray to his feet.

              Beth turns.


                        It's OK Beth, he's feeling better!

              Murray touches his Helmet, where the wound is.  He stumbles.
              Connie tries to help him but he pushes her away.  Connie
              stumbles to the ground in front of Peter.  The IV rips from
              Murray's arm and crashes to the ground.

              Murray rips off his helmet.  Murray is making those noises.

              Peter struggles to his feet.

              Murray grabs a scalpel from the instrument table beside his
              cot.  Connie stands, she's between Peter and Murray.

                        Murray, are you OK?

              That evil look on his face.  That insane chuckle.


              Murray charges her, slashing.  SLICE, SLICE.  Connie falls
              bleeding.  Peter is knocked back over his cot.

              Beth races forward, grabbing a pot from the instrument table.
              Murray lifts his blade, threatening Peter.

              Beth throws the pot and hits him in the back.


              Murray freezes.  He stands erect, peering down at Peter.

                        You're next old man!

              He turns to face Beth.  He raises the blade.  Beth sees no
              escape, he's between her and the door.  She grabs another
              pot.  Murray charges.

              Murray jabs with the blade.  Beth parries with the pot.
              CLANG, CLANG.

              Peter creeps toward the Grave.

              Murray lunges and Beth sidesteps.  CLANG.  Beth knocks the
              scalpel from his hand.  Murray stumbles.  He scrambles back
              on his feet, still between her and the door.  He charges her
              again.  Beth throws the pot as she runs.

              Beth grabs the rolling table.  Instruments go flying.  She
              backs up, keeping the table between her and Murray.  He
              forces her backwards.  She's up against the side of the Tent.

              Murray jerks the table from her grasp.  It goes flying.  He
              knocks Beth to the ground, stunning her.

              Murray is on top of her.  She's losing consciousness as he
              flails away.  He rips her Helmet off.

              Murray's face to face with her.  He shakes her in
              frustration, trying to get her to come to.  Murray is in
              Beth's face, coughing, yelling, sputtering.

              Murray pushes her back like a rag doll.  He searches, looking
              for the blade.  There it is.  He scrambles to grab it.

              Murray admires the bloody edge. He slices off rubber from one
              of the fingers of his glove.  Blood oozes.

              Murray turns.  He is ready to do her in.

              The Tent doors open.  A stunned Technician views the chaos.
              He sees Murray.  Murray attacks.

              The Tech turns and runs.

              30.  INT. SCRUB ROOM TENT - DAY

              Murray bears down the Tech, stabbing him in the back.

              31.  EXT. SLEEPING TENT - DAY

              Murray slips between the Tents.  The snow is blowing full
              force.  Murray slices open a Tent.

              32.  INT. SLEEPING TENT - DAY

              One Tech lies dead on his cot, his throat slashed.  Murray
              stands over the Armed Tech, asleep on his cot.  He grabs the
              rifle, and prepares to strike the Tech with the butt.  The
              Tech wakes and screams.

              33.  INT. AUTOPSY TENT - DAY

              Peter struggles to sit Beth up.

                        Where is he?

                        He'll be back.

              Beth touches her bloodied face.  She looks down to see her
              Helmet lying on the ground.


              ON Beth as she realizes for the first time he's called her by
              her first name.

                        Not everyone gets sick.

              They hear rifle shots.

                        You know why I came up here with

              Beth nods.  She touches his arm.

                               (smiling, resigned)
                        Thanks, for, you know.

                        Giving you a hard time.

                        You're not such an old goat.


              34.  INT. MESS TENT - DAY

              Tables are tipped, it's a mess.  The Nurse and a Techs lie
              dead where they fell.  Murray stands holding the rifle.  He's
              out of control.

              The last Tech races into the tent.  Murray howls with glee as
              he blazes away.

              CLOSE ON Murray.  He is going for Beth and Peter.

              35.  INT. AUTOPSY TENT - DAY

              Peter hides in the Grave.  He considers the shrouded Corpse
              of his Father lying beside him.  He chuckles to himself.

              He takes a swig from his flask.  He douses a muslin strip
              with booze. He sticks the strip into the top of the flask.

              Murray bursts through the doors, rifle in hand.  He searches
              the room.

              Beth is propped up against a table by the tent wall.  Beside
              her is a blanket covering SOMETHING.

              Peter peers over the top.


              Words do not register with him but he zones into her.

              A BLACK HOSE, punctured with holes lays across the dirt
              between them.

                        You're sick.  You have to get help.

              Drools hangs from his mouth, he's coughing blood.  Making
              those noises, chuckling.

              Murray raises his rifle hip high and stalks toward her.

              Murray comes close to the hose.

              Peter lights the muslin strip.  He twist the flask enabling
              the flame to burn higher.

              Beth reaches under the blanket and begins turning.  The
              blanket falls away to reveal a PROPANE TANK.

                        Now Peter!

              Peter throws the flask.  It sails toward Murray but falls
              short.  The flask hits the ground and the flame goes out.

              The Propane is hissing through the holes, full force.  Murray
              stops a foot from the Hose.

              Murray spins toward the Grave and empties the clip.  Peter
              ducks.  Sparks fly.

              WHOOSH.  Murray is a screaming BALL OF FIRE!

              On Beth.  On Peter.

              36.  EXT. AUTOPSY TENT - DAY

              The storm has subsided.

              37.  INT. AUTOPSY TENT - DAY

              All the Bodies are laid surrounding the Graves.  They are
              draped in muslin.  There is one Body Bag.  The Human Remains
              Coolers, and the Biological Field Monitor as well as other
              medical equipment is piled there too.  Interspersed are
              Propane Tanks.

              CANS OF GAS sit nearby.

              Beth lies dead on a cot.  Peter stares down at her.  Blood
              drips from his nose and ears.

              Peter crosses her arms over her body.  He pulls a sheet over

              38.  EXT. HILLSIDE - DAY

              Peter struggles upward.  He's mumbling to himself.

              A rope is tied from his waist to a Can of Gas he drags behind

              Below, fire engulfs the Tents.

              39.  INT. AUTOPSY TENT - DAY

              Flames burst around Beth's Body.  The Coolers melt, exposing
              the burning lungs.

              40.  EXT. HILLSIDE - DAY

              Peter uses his cane to boost himself forward.  One trembling
              step at a time.

              41.  INT. AUTOPSY TENT - DAY

              Propane tanks and the Cans of Gas sitting in the Grave

              42.  EXT. HILLSIDE - DAY

              The Autopsy Tent goes up in a fireball.

              The concussion causes Peter to slip.  He slides down the hill
              a few feet before he can dig into the rocks with his cane.
              The rope snaps taut, stopping the Gas Can from slipping

              Peter feels the blood dripping from his ear.  He dabs with
              his fingers and sees the blood.

              He chuckles and shakes his head.

              43.  EXT. TOP OF THE HILL - DAY

              Peter is exhausted.  He hauls up the rope. The Gas Can comes
              up over the edge.

              Peter looks around to get his bearings.  It's been eighty
              years since he was last here.

              Peter starts walking into the distance.

              44.  EXT.  CAVE - DAY

              Peter sits outside the opening, catching his breath.  He
              flicks his head.

              Peter pushes rocks away from the mouth of the Cave.

              Peter pushes the Gas Can through the opening.

              Peter hears the drone of a Plane.  He searches the sky to
              locate it.

              45.  EXT. SKY ABOVE - DAY

              A Military Plane approaches in the far distance.

              46.  INT. CAVE - DAY

              ON Peter as he scratches away the dirt and rock.  Peter
              uncovers the handkerchief.  Slowly he unfolds the tattered
              cloth.  The Green Glow bathes his face once more.

              Peter lifts the Orb to examine it.

              47.  INT. CAVE - DAY

              Peter struggles to push large rocks into the opening.  Behind
              him the Orb rests beside the Gas Can.

              Fingers of light streaks across Peter from the cracks in the
              rock. He's weak, on his last legs.  The blood and mucus drain
              from his nose, mouth and ears.  He struggles to stay lucid.

              Peter has a series of FLASHBACKS, INTERCUT with his action.

              -FLASHBACK  Scene 20.  Baby Pauline smiling at him.

              Peter unscrews the Gas Can.

              -FLASHBACK  Scene 20.  Peter's Father and Mother laughing.

              Peter hears the sound of SOLDIERS approaching.

              Peter holds the Orb high.

                        My lucky star.

              -FLASHBACK  Scene 33.  Beth smiling at him.

              Peter drops the Orb in the Gas Can.  He chuckling again.  The
              sounds of the Soldiers are getting louder.

                                  CONTROL VOICE
                        We are, at worst, frail, fearful
                        creatures hiding from the shadows
                        in the night.  At our best, brave
                        and unselfish souls, willing and
                        ready to fulfill our destinies.

              Peter brings up the lighter in his trembling hand.  Close on
              Peter.  His eyes roll in their sockets.  He gasps for air.
              Peter ignites the lighter.


              CHARACTERS - 1918

              -Young Peter McManus  (age 9)

              -Young Pauline McManus  (infant)

              -Peter's Father  (32)

              -Peter's Mother  (20's)

              -Mine Boss  (40's)

              -Mine Boss's Wife  (45)

              -Miners, Wives and Children

              CHARACTERS - 1999

              -Peter McManus  (90)

              -Pauline McManus  (81)

              -Dr. Beth Armstrong  (35)

              -Dr. Murray Penn  (30's)

              -Head Nurse Connie  (20's)

              -Technician Joseph

              -Technician with Rifle


              -Five Technicians


              Day Exterior - 1999

              -Ellis Bay (ghost town)

              -Grave Site

              -Autopsy Tent

              -Sleeping Tents

              -Mess Tent

              -Cave Entrance

              Day Interior - 1999

              -Military Plane

              -Autopsy Tent

              -Scrub Room Tent

              -Peter's Sleeping Tent

              -Mess Tent


              Night Exterior - 1918

              -Town of Ellis Bay

              -Grave Site

              -Peter's Cabin Porch

              -Cave Entrance

              Night Interior - 1918

              -Peter's Cabin

              -Mine Boss's Cabin