just for comics sake


"I caught the writer pissing on my fucking house the other night, he's a bastard.
A big bastard.  What do I think of the comic?  Oh... it's fucking trash."

"This comic is so bad, I wouldn't even wipe my ass with it."

"This comic is the essense of complete Christian morals.  Each day after I kneel
and pray on broken glass for 3 hours, I read through each issue.  I'm very happy
Cookie-head started doing them again."

"Everyone knees should be amputated."

"The writer of this comic should take up his very serious issues with some
professional help."

"Jerusalem is the holy land."

"Well I don't know how to fucking read, but I look at the pictures, and it's like
the guy failed grade 1 drawing or something.  Either that, or he got some fucken
five year old to draw the pictures for him.  That's probably more fucking like it, since
I hear that he fucks little kids anyway."