Basement Kid


Basement Kid started off as an outlet for anger or a kind of personal
therapy though music by experimenting with loops of sound.
It was a very basic manner in which to create music, yet effective
at the same time.  After several atmospheric soundscapes were made
it became boring and predictable.  When the need for change occured
I began to realize my other influences or tastes and started to
incorporate them in the music I was making.  Using down tempo-ed,
hip-hop styled beats along with the previous formula, then moving on
to breakbeat and even drummeNbasse. I became obsessed with rhythm
Not being soley exclusive with those techniques i also toyed around with
noise, minimal house and even hard trance.  Basement Kid is now at
the point of using all of these styles, but defentely favouring some over
the others.  Not much has really changed except the music
becoming more technical.

 Although most of the material I record is instrumental, it is not like most
"techno" and void of politics.  I believe every choice a person makes
nowadays is political and there is no way you cannot take a stance
of some sort.  People who say that they're apolitical or are sick
of hearing about politics are just apathetic fools and cowards.
Life is about taking a stand and sometimes sticking your neck out.

Note:  i'm not really fond of any of the labels mentioned
above personally but it is just the easiest way to paint a picture
for someone who is unfamiliar with my material.
I dislike the need to pigeon hole an artist as just one thing.  My
influences are far too versitle making it almost impossible to
justify everything i've done with just one word or phrase. The only
things that could possibly be exactly defined are my personal beliefs
and messages behind the music.  This isn't some self absorbed ego-trip
either.  Let's just all give up the fucking labels please!