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March is the month of the system.  The term system, refers to the environment, the economy, and culture.  It is a time when people celebrate the roll they have within the system and the value they have in making the system productive to themselves and to others.  It is time to celebrate the earth, animals, nature, traditions and customs, the media, the internet, government, school and family.  It is a time to celebrate the mailperson, the firefighter, the convenience store clerk, the mayor, the hairstylist, the teacher and the bartender.

Symbol:  circle

Reflections: During this month individuals are encouraged to reflect upon the system they live in and the responsibility they have to maintain and better the system.  It is also a time to understand that each piece of the system is important, and that even the smallest individual has an affect on the whole.  When one component is unhappy or not working properly, then it affects the greater whole.  

Customs:  This is a time when people take more notice of the world around them.  In the case of the environment, it is a time for cleanup.  In the case of the economy, it is time for elections.  In the case of culture it is a time for traditions.  On the final day of the month, the biggest parade of the year takes place, in which different parts of the system are represented.