Symm felt a warm hand caressing his spreading thighs.  Then his chest and then his face.  Fingers skimmed his widening mouth and the sugary scent of chocolate whores filled his dream.  The i.d.i.c. was wearing off and Venus was the first thing on his sobering mind.  And then he realized there were hands all over.
     "Oh shit!!" he jerked, only to be suppressed by the satin chords that bound him to the heart shaped bed.
     "Relax," moaned the nude whore to his left.  One of two.  Another separated him from Deluxe, who lay, still asleep, immediately to his right, constrained as well.
     "Where are we?" he asked.
     "You're in the Hive Symm.  You're with us now."  The prostitute morphed into syrup and dripped across his still clothed chest.  He stared into Symm's lips with loving eyes.
     Turning his head to meet Deluxe, the other whore blocked his view.  This one shifted his leg and slid his knee into Symm's lap.
     "Deluxe!  DELUXE!!!!  Wake ubbb!!!  Rae ubb!!  Eh.. 'ould ou 'ake 'er 'ingers ou-uh muh mou-uh.  Thank you, and I'd appreciate it immensely if you'd not do that again please.  DELUXE!!!!!!!"
     "Oh fuck, I'm stuck," she griped.  "Where's that sailor, and what the fuck is this smell?  Oh shit, I don't believe this.  Well it looks like yer having a good time there Symm."
     "Yeah whatever." 
     "So this is the Hive," she stated flatly, absorbing the atmosphere regardless of their dilemma.
     "Shut up, I'm stuck.  Get us out."
     The middle whore swirled between them and hopped to straddle her.  Reaching forward he grabbed her tied hands and layered her arms in fudge.
     "Hey, my... fuck.  I can't draw anything Symm.  My arms are covered.  You?"
     "My arms are tied.  I can't reach my uhhhh... notebook."
     "Hey, get yer greedy fucken hands outta his... uhhhh."  Deluxe's whore morphed his hips into a skintight canvas, gripping fast to her thinly clad pelvis.  The heat was invading her.  "No way," she gritted her teeth defiantly.  "Yer not getting me addicted."
     "Oh There's Plenty Of Time For That!" announced the Queen Host assuredly.  She was a celestial sight, traversing the marble floor in her ethereal beige negligee.  The dainty fabric clung flirtatiously to her promiscuous curves.  Chocolate feathered wings rose majestically from her slender back.  "I take it you're both comfortable."  Her alluring voice echoed serenely in their heads.
     Symm was the first to regain equilibrium.  "Why are we tied?"
     "Would you like to go free?"
     The Queen smiled divinely. "How 'bout I call off my children for starters?"
     The prostitutes sauntered reluctantly from the bed and withdrew from the chamber, each departing through one of many heavily curtained doorways.  A cool breeze rushed in as they left.
     The Queen eyed Deluxe as revolvers appeared in her hands.  With a pitch of her wings a lone chocolate feather launched at the weapons, covering them in gooey fudge. 
     "You'll have to promise me Deluxe.  That if you aim at me again, you'll hit me somewhere nice.  A place where Symm here won't mind sucking the nasty poison out."
     Deluxe was taken aback.  Symm on the other hand scoffed at the coy remark.  The Queen seated herself between the two.
     "So it looks like you kids are in a little fix," she began, stroking their binds.  "What a pity.  You do know why you're here don't you?"
     "Not exactly," replied Symm.
     "Well you see.... today is the end of your lives in the Guild.  You and Deluxe here will be joining my entourage, here in the ranks of the Hive."
     "You're going to infect us?" Symm said doubtingly.
     "Mmmhmmm, with the most transfiguring of viruses.  And then I'm going to put those fascinating lips of yours to work on all our finest clients."
     "You're going to turn us into chocolate whores?"
     "And don't you think our tribe will get a bit ticked off?"
     There was that angelic smile again.  "No, cuz they'll all be wiped out by then."
     Symm and Deluxe eyed eachother awkwardly.
     "You see, the darling Tracer has received a message today.  'Please come to the Palace.'  Courtesy of the dashing Prince Gabriel."
     "And once she's arrived, we'll destroy her and her bodyguard."
     "You stole the speeder," snapped Deluxe, fumbling through the globs of chocolate sludge encasing her hands.  "You fucken..."
      "Now now, 'the language'.  I'd think someone of your calibre, you'd want to turn a new leaf with a little grace."
     "You can fuck grace in her motherfucken ass.  Yer dead when we get outta here."
     "How did you steal the speeder," quizzed Symm calmly.
     "Well my dear, you see...."
     "She had a little help," answered the male voice from behind.
     "Well if it isn't the fucking 'Sailor'."
     "Sailor?" wondered the Queen.
     "Don't ask," replied the Hacker.
     "So you decrypted the codes?" presumed Symm.
     "But only in exchange for something of his own," added the Queen.
     "Which was?" pressed Deluxe.
     "He got himself two of my finest prostitutes.  Venus and Trifle."
     "I told you you had to fucken pay for it!"
     "Let's not start this again."
     "I don't believe this," Symm muttered.  "The Hacker's a junkie?  No way."
     "Ah, but it's the truth.  We all have our downfalls, but at least now, he'll have total possession of his."
     "And what's your downfall?" he quizzed the Queen.
     "I'm a sucker for surprises," she laughed.  "Where did you get these two?" she turned to the Hacker.
     "They entered the Alley, searching for 'clues to the whereabouts of Tracer's lost speeder'.  Oooooo where could it be?"
     "And so you just decided to hand them over to me?"
     "Well," he said with a tilt of his head and a sly smile.  "I was in a good mood."
     "I'll bet.  Because of anyone I know?"
     "That's why I'm late," he concluded.
     The Queen Host laughed wholeheartedly, stroking the legs of her captives.  They cooled their thoughts and denied her sexual advances.  Drifting a friendly hand into each lap, she cleverly explored their defiance.  Warm chocolate syrup flowed from her probing fingers and soaked vivaciously through their shirts.  A humid chocolate swamp began covering their doomed bodies.
     The Hacker dragged a chic black aluminium chair from beneath the heart shaped bed.  Setting it up behind the Queen herself he settled back pleasantly, absorbing the view.
     "Would you like to join us?" she purred invitingly, but he smiled an assured no.  "Then perhaps you'd like a playmate of your own, as you watch the festivities?"
     "The only reason I'm here dear Queen, is to see history in the making.  After that I have a lot of duties to attend to."
     "Suit yourself," and she returned to the task at hand.
     Squeezing between Symm's legs she clutched at his waistband.  Unbuttoning the cotton dresspants, the silver zipper dropped to its base.  Pulling the open flaps aside the Queen Host leaned in and blew heavily into the exposed underwear.  Symm twitched and rubbed his rear into the bed.
     "Hey, stop that, it tickles!"
     Deluxe roared in laughter, convulsing in her restrains.  "You'll never get him.  He's impossible."
     "And how would you know?" winked the Queen, yanking the pants from his hips.  "Tried it yourself have you?"
     Deluxe frowned and glanced at Symm.  "Don't let her get to you.  I may not be able to stop her, but I know you can.  I KNOW you can."
     "Hey don't worry about me," he grinned, pants and underwear now bunching around his separately bound ankles.  He noticed Deluxe watching his exposed flesh before she turned away helplessly.  So far he was not aroused.  Focusing his thoughts on Tracer's speeder he aimed to keep it that way.
     The Queen nuzzled up alongside Symm as the kerosene candles dimmed.  There was still however, enough amber light to illuminate their tangled bodies.  Stretching forward, she licked his blueberry lips.  "Mmmmm.  I'm going to enjoy this more than I expected."  Refraining from a second kiss just yet, her fingers attended to the buttons of his suit jacket.  Calmly releasing them, she moved to the next layer of dress shirt.  Repeating the performance, she loosened the remaining clasps and his top fell open.  The Queen Host twisted to straddle his bare chest, her glorious wings seductively craddling his face.
     Minutes later, painted in dark chocolate, he was still limp.
     "Wow yer quite the charmer there," mocked Deluxe.  "And you're supposedly the best sex ever."  The Queen ignored the taunts and redoubled her efforts, bobbing her head persistently between Symm's legs.  "What about you Sailor?  What's it like being a seaman?"
     "Oh yer so funny Deluxe.  When the Queen Host is through with you, you can be the Hive's honourary court jester."
     "No, I think the role of CLOWN is already secured by you."
     The Queen suddenly stopped and stepped from the bed.  She began pacing competitively between those in attendance.  Looking back to admire Symm, formulas for orgasm raced through her mind.  With a twinkle in her eye, she copied the Hacker's actions and pulled a chair from beneath the bed.  Fondling the robe around her waist, she unfastened the knot and parted the negligee.  An angel's figure lured all eyes inside the thin beige fabric.  Symm scanned her form and rested his eyes on her shifting pelvis.
     "You like this?" the Queen Host teased, and brought a hand down to caress it.  Mounting the chair and moaning feverishly, she coaxed her fingers through the alluring wet folds.  She continued to writhe in a self induced pleasure for the duo to watch.
     After seconds the sight became too unbearable and Deluxe overheated.  "Oh shit," she gasped and fought to control the hungry hormones now swelling her veins.  The hardened chocolate, which had dried to her hips, was now melting away.
     The Queen seized her opportunity and knelt between Deluxe's legs.  "I know your type, so you won't be spooked by this."  Sliding her fingers beneath Deluxe's shorts, the Queen Host sharpened her digits and sliced through the tight elastic fabric.  Tugging at the outfit's crotch, she pulled the ruined clothing off, exposing her famous plum panties.  "Here, let me show you something."
     Deluxe gasped as the Queen's chocolate mound remolded to form a bulky, erect penis.  The shaft continued to twitch and long ridges appeared along its surface, running from head to base.  The inventive rod began to slowly swirl and gyrate. 
     Symm could smell Deluxe getting aroused.  The fragrance was unmistakably coming from her.  His prior attempt to stall the inevitable finally concluded.  Tensely racking his brain, he scanned the room out of habit.  His eyes locked with those of the Hacker's, who continued to sit nonchalantly on his stool.
     "No, no," Deluxe concentrated, trying to calm herself down, but time was running out.  The Queen Host had already adjusted her blouse and was already licking her navel.
     Symm returned his gaze to the Hacker and was bewildered to find Venus, all flesh, standing behind him.  A chocolate prostitute materialized to join them.  Each remained silent, apparently concealing their presence.  The Hacker reached behind his pant leg and withdrew a compact revolver from a hidden ankle holster.  Passing it to Venus, he was rewarded with a hushed pat on the shoulder.  Seconds later the two had disappeared.  If only he could reach his shades.  Then he'd know what was going on.  The Hacker smiled and nodded, then returned his gaze to Deluxe.
     Symm surveyed her as well.  The Queen had her head beneath Deluxe's blouse, presumably working on one nipple with her mouth, while her hand ravished the other.  Dropping his head back onto the mattress he exhaled loudly.  Deluxe was beginning to hyperventilate.
     A minute later Symm's heart was racing.  He began grinding his ass into the bed, moaning loudly.  Wetting his lips invitingly, he stared at Deluxe and the Queen.  Continuing to observe the seduction, his naked penis began to swell.  In seconds the Queen noticed his excitement.
     "Well well well!" she exclaimed in pure delight.  "So this is how to push your buttons.  Seduce your friends."  The Queen suspended her oral performance, and rose from the bed.  "I better take advantage of this tiger while he's still eager.  And I know just what you want.  I saw you staring at me before.  And don't worry, I'm gonna make you love every bit of it."
     The Queen Host advanced aggressively to Symm's lustfilled eyes.  She planted a long wet kiss on his beckoning lips and remained fastened to his passionately responding mouth.  Reaching down she took his engorged member in her slender hand.  Positioning its head between her legs, she commanded her chocolate skin to stretch lower.  Her pelvis never dropped an inch.
     Symm held fast to the Queen's sweet mouth, swirling his tongue around hers.  As chocolate drenched his motionless hips he ignored the growing heat.  Her mutant skin began massaging the head of his shaft, inciting him to grow fuller.
     "MMMMM no," Symm broke the kiss briefly, only to be forced deeper into the soft mattress by the Queen's hungry pressure.  "No.  Ummm.  Please.  Just.  MMMMM.  Uhhhh.  Put.  It.  In.  Please.  I.  Want.  MMMMM.  It.  Uhhh.  To.  Feel.  Real."
     The Queen responded instantly by retracting her performing skin.  Descending onto Symm's muscle, her folds loosening to allow his entirety to fill her.  Finally clenching her moist hole, she fashioned a constricting chocolate glove around him.  They began to pound eachother recklessly.
     "Mmmmm," moaned the Queen as she gorged on Symm's blueberry lips.  "I'm.  So.  Mmmmm.  Glad.  You.  Mmmmm.  Decided.  To.  Go.  Mmmmm.  Out.  Like.  This."
     In under a minute they both realized the tension had lessened.  As the annoyed Queen broke the kiss, Symm bit her lip and pulled her back down against him.  They continued to probe eachother's mouths and ignored the change.
     "Don't.  UHHHH.  Stop.  Don't!  Stop!" commanded Symm, and the Queen didn't.  She just closed her eyes and indulged in the insatiable oral frenzy.  She didn't need to see what was going on.  Everything else was overwhelming enough.
     The tension returned again, this time with some added sensations.  Symm immediately quickened the pace, thrusting harder against her awkwardly replying hips.  The Queen began to wail, louder and louder with each wild lunge.  It was as if he'd found unexplored centres deep within.  She responded anxiously, her mouth erupting from the overpowering taste of Symm's lips.
     A minute later the delirium was all over.  The deed was done and nothing would be the same again.  The Queen Host panted uncontrollably against Symm's heaving chest, trying to return to her former senses.  She was drenched in sweat and sloppy chocolate syrup.  Opening her eyes, she sat up, still impaled on Symm's fully erect shaft.
     "Surprise surprise," teased Symm.
     "Welcome back you fucken vampire," thundered Venus.
      She turned to the menacing voice, beholding her former prostitute, now shockingly without any chocolate features, withdrawing a revolver from the front of his pants.  Aiming at her face, he blew her brains all over the bed.  The limp body fell sideways crashing onto Deluxe.
     "GET THIS MOTHERFUCKEN HUSK OFFA ME!!  What the fuck just happened?  You just fucked her!  And man do I mean you FUCKED HER.  That was like.... FUCK!!!  And then all of a sudden she's not chocolate anymore and her wings are like fucken shedding or whatever, and there's fucken feathers all over.  Can we take these?"
     "SHUT UP ALREADY!!!" barked the Hacker.  "You're giving me a.....  oh no, they're already here."
     "Tracer and Onyx," he muttered, looking unorganized.
     "How do you know?"
     "Because I can see them.  Oh shit," he exclaimed.  "Yellows?"
     They paused and looked at eachother.  "What?"
     "So what happens now?"
     "I carry out the plan."