Outside the sun was quickly setting, encouraging ominous shadows to stretch from the city's towering structures.  A large horde had formed outside the restaurant, covering most of the darkening sidewalk.  Something lay on the ground and the crowd shifting to get a better look.
     "What are they looking at?" wondered Onyx aloud as they neared the noisy commotion.
     "Who the fuck cares?" replied Deluxe.
     "No way man, look!" interrupted Tracer noticing movement.
     "Great, a bunch of Cretins kickin the shit outta eachother.  Let's get the fuck outta here before the cameras arrive."
     "No, not them.  HIM!  Over there, by the bikes."
     "Fuck he's big."
     Suddenly the large Cretin swung violently, crushing an onlooker with his juggernaut fist.  The body slammed limp into the ground, falling dead.  Swinging again, he pressed forward, moving through the crowd like a meat churning mower.  He didn't stop killing as they cowered in panic.
     Onyx crept forward, ready to defend.  He recognized the large Cretin as Behemoth.  The other two were probably Creep and Leviathan.  None of them were from D'ver City.  All were poorly clad in clashing denim outfits.  It was a horrendous sight to the aesthetically gifted.
     "These punks are trouble... and lacking some style."
     The crew reacted.  Tracer exhaled and rings of flame hellishly erupted to encircle her.  They twisted and twirled into a swirling helix.  Stretching and stirring, Deluxe's clothes shrunk to exhibit a revealing set of plum panties and brazier.  Her exposed flesh pulsed torrents of blinding kaleidoscopic light. Symm withdrew  his plutonium shades and quickly donned them over his sly eyes.  He blinked and vanished.
     Behemoth tossed a pair of weapons into the fray.  Both Cretins snatched a gun and quickly aimed at the crowd.  Their twirling cluster of gatling barrels hissing meniacly, the thugs let loose into the crowd.  Smoking everyone, they dropped one by one, each getting iron in their diets.
     Shockwaves suddenly erupted.  Someone's speeder attack had fired.  The assassins looked instinctively to their bikes, fighting the sudden nausea in their stomachs.  Distortion rippled the area, wildly warping vision like a heatwave.  Behemoth tore down the street, stealing Tracer's bike.
     "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" bellowed Tracer, falling to her knees from the overwhelming vertigo.
     Onyx stood alone above the downed crowd, his defense programs equipped him against speeder shock.  The others wretched, their protective shields no longer functional.  Withdrawing the decorated polearm from deep within its tassled scarab, he slashed mechanically through the air, edging towards the remaining two Cretins.  Ornamental feathers sailed from his braided blonde hair to quickly form a dancing flutter of protective psychedelia around him.
     Creep and Leviathan blasted their mini-cannons at Onyx, only to have the metal shells gracefully deflected by the rainbow feathers.  Jumping to her feet, Creep hysterically aimed at the remaining speeder bikes.  White hot shrapnel backfired as Onyx cleaved the mini-cannon in half.  Before she could open her eyes both legs were taken out from under her.  Onyx violently finished her with an exploding fist to the face.
     Leviathan released a random burst at the crew and fled to his speeder.  Hallucinogenic shells raced past Onyx, lodging themselves into Leviathan's leg.  Deluxe was firing double fisted from behind.  Her attack stalled the Cretin and Onyx opportunistically closed in.  Swinging his bladed polearm, he cleaved the speeder in half.  Leviathan stumbled backwards to escape the upcoming blast.  Onyx braced as his feathers absorbed the detonating speeder beside him.  The resultant shrapnel tore through the Cretin and crucified him to the ground.
     "Are you hurt cousin?" he called towards Tracer.
     "There's someone by the bodies," she warned, bile noticeably rising up her throat.
     Onyx doublechecked the area. 
     The remaining ensemble moaned and groaned, heaving half digested foods or clutching deadly wounds.  Blood, meat and vomit covered the ground.  Deluxe and the visible Symm were no better.  They muddled about trying to concentrate on their regeneration systems. 
     "YO SYMM!" Onyx yelled abruptly.  "SCAN THE AREA!"  Both Cretins had amazingly converted to solid stone.  Shoving the body, it scoured the concrete ground.  This was not normal.  Someone or something had transformed them.  "There's someone here Symm."
     Light sparked from behind Symm's shades.  Scanning the area, he searched for signs of trouble.  "Nothing.  I got nothing.  Whomever it was... they're gone."