"Th-This stuff ain't so b-bad," said Symm.  "I just can't get to get anywhere."
     "Everything's spinny," Deluxe said in a funny way.  Then she did a big kick at an apple that was in the air.  "Where are you?"
     "Yer silly.  Come over here with me.  I'm here today."
     "I can't see you.  I can HEAR you purring but I can't see you purring."
     "'I' c-can see EEEEEEVERYTH-THING."
     "Yeah well yer on yer shades on."
     "N-no I d-don't.  C-come over here.  Sit with m-me on the b-bean bag chairs."
     "No no no, we have to touch the Hacker.  There's no time for dilly dallying."  She was serious.
     Symm laughed in very crazy laughter and grabbed the Alley walls.  "DILLY dallying?!?!?!?!?!  Hahahahaha hahaha.  That's soooooooooooo silly.  Yer sooo silly 'luxe.  How come yer sooo silly???  Ewww this seat is all icky."
     "Huh?"  She tripped, tripping into a cart of apples.  They rolled around trying to find a new home.
     "Are you here for the pie?"   The apples were talking!  Deluxe looked at the wonderland sight and was in amazing awe.  She was never been on i.d.i.c. before and wasn't really ready for it.  Those drugs are bad!  Nothing was making very much sense, including the narration.
     "They're touching me Symm."
     "The apples."
     "The APPLES???"
     "Hahahaha, wh-what are you talking about a-apples?  There's n-no apples.  Hahahaha.  Apples????  Hey m-mister, w-watch where you're rolling th-that wagonwheel.  Oh my.... l-look at those s-sweatpants!  HaHaHaHaHaHa!"
     "Are you here for the pie?"  The apples talked AGAIN!  They jumped up high from their nice wooden cart and danced on its pretty plastic tarp top thing.
     "Uh no, uh we're here to um... the Hacker," she said.  "Are you the intercom?  You sound like a sexy intercom."  The apples looked at eachother tremendously.  Really they did.  "So is he like home?  Cuz we came all this way."  A tear started to go down her face because she was sad now.
     "L-Listen s-sillyhead.  I'm not an intercom.  I'm n-not any kind of com.  And Y-YOU....  S-Stop s-spitting on me!  I can s-see you up th-there on that fire-escape.  D-Don't think I c-can't see you!"
     "Are you here for the pie?"
     "No, no, what..... honey pie?  Symm?  We're not here for any honey pie are we?"
     That Symm laughs a lot!  "Hahahaha, hahaha pie.  P-PIE.  Wh-What kind of pie exactly?  We should ask s-somebody.  S-Somebody!  S-Somebody???  Hello.  No man, n-not you.  Sheesh buddy.  S-Somebody's not here Deluxe.  S-Somebody's not here."
     "Where are we?"
     "On th-the ground."
     "Oh.... right, of course."
     "W-Well wh-why didn't you tell m-me the steps wh-where wet?"
     The apples jumped AGAIN!  Real high from the apple cart tarp and landed on Deluxe's hand.  Way too much higher then last time.  "We need to know what you're here for."
     "I think I'm here for the honey pie, but just a slice," she said.  "I'm not exactly sure about him though."
     Symm barked and barked like a cute little puppy.  Ruff ruff.  Ruff ruff.  "H-HEY, I'm not playing j-jacks with n-no zookeeper.  You g-guys make me s-sickly ill.  Hahahahah.  S-Sickly ILL!  You m-make me sickly ill!"
     "Do you think you'll find any?" said the apples.  "Not many have found the resting place."
     "I can do it," she said like a brave hero with a sword.  "I'm for sure."
     "Is like the Hacker home?  We came for a peep.  Is he home?  He said like that we could come over and stuff.  Cuz like he was having some problems with the hormones and all, and so like we're here, but we don't see him naked.  Do you know where he is?  Maybe in the washroom playing or something?"
     The apples melted and it was all gross over her hand and stuff.
     "What do you want Deluxe?" said a bad guy voice from behind her.
     She turned around to see the new newcomer.  The bad guy was six foot tall, and all dressed up in navy blue clothes  "Excuse me Mr. Sailor, are you here for my pie?"
     He hard laughed loudly.  "Sailor?  That's a new one.  What do you want Deluxe?"
     "H-Hey, I think I f-found your apples.  Th-They're all covered in ch-chocolate."
     The bad guy turned towards Symm's voice.  HE WAS GONNA ATTACK SYMM!  Deluxe pulled her guns and said "DON'T TOUCH HIM YOU MOTHERFUCKER!"  She fired the hallucinbullets but they went no where.  Not even a short, short distance.
     "Take a look around sister," said that bad sailor.  "You don't honestly expect that shit to work HERE do you?"
     "Oh man, yer the Hacker."
     "That I am," he said with a fruity smile.
     "TH-THIS HACKER GUYS S-SOUNDS LIKE A REAL F-FUCKEN PRICK DELUXE.  I W-WONDER WH-WHAT HE DOES WITH ALL THIS CH-CHOCOLATE?  T-There's like a b-big trail of it... l-leading right into th-this bottle.  B-But oh m-man is it really icky s-sticky!  ICKY S-STICKY!!!!  HaHaHaHaHa."
     "I can't believe this is Symmetry."
     "Don't even THINK of touching him.  I'll fucken kill you!"  She was mad, and she threw her arms into the air like a crazy birdperson.  Her clothes right away shrinked very small to show those sexy underwear.  Her other powers were being told 'START UP', 'START UP', 'AND DO SOMETHING IMPORTANT!'
     "No, I don't think so."  The Hacker snapped his fingers.  Her clothes changed back to the normal way they were before they changed and got all naughty.  The normal shiny lights never shone from her skin.  Too bad, they were so pretty.
     "Hey!  How'd you do that!"
     "I'm the Hacker.  This is the Alley.  Things work my way.  Your outside systems mean shit to me."
     "SYMMETRY!" yelled the Hacker real loudly.  "Stop folding those boxes!  You'll tear the whole place apart with your powers."
     "Symm, Symm, where are you.  I still can't see you!"
     "I-I'm m-making a house m-made of c-cardboard.  Is th-there anything to d-drink around here?  When the f-fuck is the Hacker g-gonna g-get here?  I-I'm thirsty."
     "He's already here dumbass!  Open those fucken eyes!  Put on your sexy glasses or something!"
     "Is your mind always in the gutter Deluxe?"
     "Yeah pretty much... why?"
     "Hey don't NEVERMIND me slick!  You only WISH you could get something as buff as this."
     "Pffff, I've had better."
     "The only way YOU'D get any, is if you PAID for it."
     Deluxe's skin began to freeze and she could feel the chilly willy icicles in those small things in her skin.  "Don't talk to me about whores.  If you were anyone else I'd..."
     "HEY V-V-V-Venus," whistled Symm into a bottle.  That was sooo cute!  "Wh-What're you doing here?"
     "We need to talk boss.  Everything's going as planned, but there's something you should know about Symm."
     Deluxe's eyes got all wide.  What was going on?  But then she like passed out cold.